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Payment Installments or Layaway Plans

EASY! PayPal Installment Payments For USA Customers! 

Order Selections, Pay PayPal In 6 Payments through your PayPal account.

Apply For Approval Through PayPal & No Interest With Correct On Time Payments!


CONTACT US TODAY! Sales Team Waiting To Help You!


Text Message or WhatsApp Number: (1) 903-658-4858

Make payments to hold your selections or purchases with easy layaway payments!

Available for USA & Worldwide Customers, Including Website and In Store Purchases.

Any Brazilian Fashion Styles Are Available With This Plan

Layaway or Reserved selections must have weekly payments made or your selections will be returned back to inventory after two payments missed, no exceptions and no switching layaway selections after payments have started due to limited selections and sizes.

Buy Brazil Jeans, USA-Worldwide has a variety of ways for you to make secure layaway payments:

Make PayPal Invoicing payments to your E-mail account for payments or send you weekly Square Invoice to your Email address to make easy payments from your phone or computer device.

Make payments to Buy Brazil Jeans, USA - Worldwide through your Bank Account by direct deposit to Buy Brazil Jeans USA-Worldwide bank account or send funds through your choice of available USA-Worldwide wire transfer companies.

Make payments with your Credit Card by putting on file with Buy Brazil Jeans, USA-Worldwide on secured payments processors, must send a signed permission affidavit that Buy Brazil Jeans is allowed to make pre-determined weekly payment charges or pre-approval.


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